Ubuntu Photo Manager Experiment

CupI have a passion for photography and have become heavily entrenched in the tools available on Mac OS X, such as Aperture and Photoshop. This experiment focuses mainly on Aperture and what tools, if any, exist for Ubuntu to replace my Aperture workflow with something cross-platform and open-source that I can use on Mac OS X and Ubuntu.


Aperture will reign supreme and continue to be my default photo manager and raw photo editor after trying the Ubuntu Linux photo management alternatives. Honestly, I do not see how free and open source solutions can compete with Aperture.


I am heavily invested in Apple’s Aperture photo editor manager. Given Apple’s attention to detail, and the Core technologies available from the Mac OS, I had sincere doubts anything could stack up in the Linux world.

But, I have been surprised many a time, especially by Ubuntu itself; I was looking forward to seeing what the open source world had to offer.

With this experiment I set out to learn:

  1. Can I edit raw photos in Ubuntu?
  2. Is there a capable photo manager that compares to Aperture?
  3. And, if the above questions are answered positively, can I get my photos out of Aperture’s proprietary and platform specific database and start managing with them in a workflow compatible with both OS X and Ubuntu Linux?

Need More details? check on this post

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