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It's JessicaHi, I want give you update that all of my Free WordPress Themes are support and compatible with WordPress 2.7. Some of them also support Thread Comment featured that only avaliable in WordPress 2.7. Here some of the themes that already suppprt threaded comment.

I hope I can made some updated on other themes too. So don’t forget to bookmark our free themes and help me spread this service.

I also give another news. That some of my themes was change on the license type. I hope my decision to change the lisence make Open Source community more bigger and better. Bring nice and good looking design and make this world more better blogging better and of course brings a new wonder on this earth. I am really sorry if some of my words little bit difficult to understand. But I hope you can enjoy it ;)

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A Professional WordPress Theme designer from Indonesia.
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17 Responses to Support WordPress 2.7

  1. achot says:

    test..dunlut..tes..dunlut.. tes dulu yaaaaa…

  2. Angelo Gon says:


    Just testing

  3. Alex says:

    Nice theme. The colors are well done but I think the footer could use a little work. It seems like an afterthought or you got tired of designing….IMO

  4. Krina says:

    Wow awesome theme. I like use on my blog

  5. nick says:

    test——this is a very good tempalte!!

  6. ugie says:

    gimana cara downloadnya ini theme bang?

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