Handwritten Typographers

handwriting_goran_thumbThis is only example Post, Test for special purpose, I hope you enjoy my test and have a nice day. Hit pause for a moment and consider how greatly we – people in the digital age – are indebted to typographers. Almost all of our visual communication is delivered using the products of their craft: newspapers, SMSes, instant messages, emails, web pages, signs, posters, billboards; the list of purposes is endless.

In these days where looping strokes have been replaced by keyboard clickety-clack, typographers define the style and tone of our missives. Would you like to be elegant, modern, childish or … disturbed? Then you can choose between Garamond, Montag, Comic Sans, Zebraflesh, and a thousand more.

There’s great power in a typeface, but what’s always interested me more than the typeface is the designer behind it – why did they create the typeface? Where did their inspiration come from? How did they start?

Lately, I’ve been asking just one question, though. Something which has always intrigued me: these people that help us communicate … how do they themselves communicate? If we strip away the monitors, and the printing presses, and the typefaces … how would William Caslon have written on a post-it note?

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9 Responses to Handwritten Typographers

  1. admin says:

    You know that? Hadwritten is Good ;)

  2. Jason says:

    Lets see how easy this really is…

  3. Jon says:

    Testing the comments

  4. Alioy says:

    test comments

  5. Matt Brown says:

    I also, too, in addition, am testing.

  6. joey jo jo shabadoo says:

    great theme – congrats!

  7. oopshey says:

    test.. test… tsting a comment on great themes :)

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